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Thanks for Being a Part of LKN Strong!

To help love and serve you well, we wanted to provide a few helpful guidelines to lead you to a safe and awesome experience with LKN Strong! Please read through the below and let us know if you have any questions .
1. Be Respectful of Others
Please respect the privacy of your volunteer. When you make contact with your volunteer, introduce yourself and share whatever information might be helpful. Be mindful of their boundaries and always communicate with a healthy dose of love and respect.
2. Be Mindful of What You’re Requesting
When you connect with your volunteer, be sure to provide clear direction on what your task includes. The better they understand your entire task, the more thorough, efficient and safe everyone will be.A Note on Grocery Pick Up: When the task is submitted, you will be asked to choose whether the pick up is prepaid or if it needs to be paid for when picked up. Some LKN Strong volunteers may not be able to pay for the order upfront which will limit their acceptance of the task. It is strongly recommended that you prepay all grocery orders for the volunteers to easily pick them up. If you need to have the order paid when picked up, we ask that the total order be under $50. We also require that the total is reimbursed upon delivery. Volunteers will accept cash or check and some may be able to accept Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other electronic transfer. Please make arrangements when you first connect with the volunteer.
3. Connect With Your Volunteer
The goal of LKN Strong isn’t just to check items or needs off a list, but rather to help our community grow STRONGER TOGETHER! Take time to get to know your volunteer. You never know - You might be gaining a helpful friend & advocate in your time of need!
If at any time you do not feel safe or comfortable with your volunteer, simply contact us for reassignment of the task.

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